With a British father and an Italian mother; Mary Olivia Cork spent all her childhood in the environment of Italian villa: the sumptuous "frescos" and romantic gardens of Tuscany were her daily surrounding. Her decorator's profession now obliges her to live most of time in our gray metropolises. However she absolutely wanted to keep with her the perfumes of her native Italy and pictures of our Provence that she loves.

Mary Olivia Cork asked a famous artist from the south of France, to create canvases evoking these Provencal and Italian gardens. So was born a collection of panels in linen that she can always take in her luggage.

When we discovered these painted canvases; we fell under the charm of their elegance and their so particular simplicity.  We met their creator Dany Chevalier and we asked her to collaborate with us to find artists who she would teach the original mind of her works.

Today we are proud to introduce you to the Marv Olivia Cork collection.