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Life is Goods! is a wholesale business located in Alameda, CA. We specialize in the distribution of French products. Our lines include wall art, furniture and accessories. Retailers as well as public can login to purchase our products through our online catalog

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We manufacture our products in a region of France called "the Pyrenees".  It is the mountain region bording Spain. it's people have a strong culture of their land and their life is filled with traditions and ancestors techniques. often our fast paced life lacks that look to the past that is present everywhere in the Pyrenees. The region suffers a difficult transition to the 21st century and most of it's skilled young people leave the area to go live where the jobs are: in the cities. One of our vendors: "Design Pyrenees" promotes young talents and mix them with centuries old traditions to keep an active industry in the region and to make it known to the world. They have organized contests in which young designers were asked to conceptualize products around specific themes for which the Pyrenees are famous for. The winners would see their products manufacture.

The first one is the wood. More specifically the log which is at the heart of mountain's people life. The log they use in the camp fires in high altitude refuges. The winner of that theme is Franck Fontana. He designed a line of contemporary furniture and accessories made in Pyrenees wood.  

The second theme is the wool; present everywhere in the meadows of the mountains; Wool they dress with. The winner of that theme is Stefania di Petrillo who designed a whole line of contemporary wool jewelry. 

Another line from that region is the "Trompe l'oeil" hand painted 100% linen canvas of Mary Olivia Cork. They represent sceneries from South of France and Northern Italy (Tuscany). They are large artworks that invite the audience to an atmosphere of tradition and serenity. The Art form: "trompe l'oeil" is a technique used to make true to life paintings to "trick the eye" if you translate literally.

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It has been a pleasure meeting our customers at our booth in Atlanta. The season started in a hurry and many of you are still travelling to other shows. We wish you success in your buying adventures and will be talking to you soon.

Life is Goods is the exclusive distributor for: Mary Olivia Cork Collection & Design Pyrénées